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Cliniccare Facial

There are 4 stages to this 30 minute treatment. Firstly we cleanse and massage your skin with a light foam made from silky cleansing lotion and remove it with sponges. Then we exfoliate your skin using a silky clear peeling gel which will leave a pleasant tingling sensation and leave your skin feeling fresh, young and clean. Using a silky skin toner we will neutralise your skin, and to finish off the treatment, we will moisturise your skin using our silky moisturiser lotion leaving your skin feeling revitalised.

Cliniccare Plus Facial

This 50 minute treatment has all the benefits of the Clinicare Facial, but also includes a face mask treatment. There are 3 masks to choose from.

Glow mask - Skin rejuvenating and moisturising anti-pigmentation treatment. Suitable for skins with pigmentation problems. Anti-pigmentation, calming, soothing and healing action. 
Pure mask - Skin rejuvenating, purifying and moisturising anti-inflammation treatment. Suitable for combination skin, irritated skins. Anti-inflammatory, calming, soothing and healing action. . Prevent shine. Regulate hyperactive sebaceous glands. 
Refresh/Tight - Skin rejuvenating and moisturising ant-ageing, lifting and anti-wrinkle treatment. Suitable for all skin types. Anti-wrinkle, calming, soothing and healing action.

Cliniccare Microneedling

 MICRONEEDLING SKIN-TIGHTENING treatment (also known as ‘Skin Needling' or 'Collagen Induction Therapy') stimulates new collagen synthesis in the skin, leading to younger, brighter and healthier-looking skin. Numerous, ultra-fine micro-needles are used to penetrate through the epidermis to create microscopic punctures in the skin’s surface. is a powerful non-surgical treatment in skin rejuvenation, as production of collagen tightens and firms up the skin MICRONEEDLING- just like a laser or chemical peel does, but without prolonged healing, skin damage, down time, and cost MICRONEEDLING. may also help skincare products( CLINICCARE ) penetrate the skin more deeply, such that they can have greater effect  MICRONEEDLING can be used to smooth fine wrinkles, as well as improve scarring (acne scars, Ice pick and chickenpox scars), stretch marks, enlarged pores, age spots and sun damaged skin. The effects are long lasting, and it has the benefit that it can be used on all skin types.
Your initial consultation to discuss trying MICRONEEDLING is free.

  • Facial treatment. 

  • Neck and Décolléte treatment.

  • Hand treatment.

Cliniccare Cinderella Facial

This facial delivers outstanding results in a short time. Have a lunchtime mesotherapy-like skin stimulation without injections and visible desquamation. It has a mixture of 5 different Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA), anti-oxidants, growth factors, with an auto-neutralizing release. Particularly recommended for skin rejuvenation, acne and the prevention and treatment of photo-aging.  


Repeat the treatments once a week for a course of treatments or once a month to prolong other treatments beneficial effects. There is no downtime associated with this facial and it is the perfect choice to choose before a special event. Immediately after treatment skin will be visibly tighter, radiant, plumped and nourished.


  • Cleanser

  • Exfoliation (Chemical Peel)

  • Toner containing a high concentrated of low molecular weight hydro acid Booster (AHA + EGF Skin Booster; Epidermal growth factor slow releasing).

  • Facial Massage and ending the treatment with our best kept secret.

  •  Cliniccare EGF Glow Mask (Anti-pigmentation and skin skin rejuvenation with Hyaluronic Acid) or EGF Pure Mask (anti-inflammation and skin rejuvenation with Hyaluronic Acid)

Products used are all Cliniccare Cutting Edge Cosmeceutical Formula. They are designed to providing long lasting deep skin hydration and REJUVENATION.